Cincinnati Juggling Festival

The 2020 Cincinnati Juggling Festival

Feb 29th and March 1st

The 2020 Cincinnati Juggling Festival presented by the Cincinnati Circus Company is a three-day event for jugglers, manipulators, hoopers, flow-artists, aerialists magicians and all other variety artists to come share their love of juggling and circus!

Non-jugglers, kids and family are welcome to come watch and try their hand at learning as well!

Tenative Schedule

Saturday noon - 9pM

All Day

Open Juggling

All Day


7:30pm - 9:00pm

Juggling Showcase

Sunday 10am - 4pm

All Day

Open Juggling

All Day


2:00pm - 4:00pm

Games w/Awesome Trophies

Want to teach a juggling workshop? Send and email to: with the subject “2020 Juggling Festival”

How to get to the festival

Parking Information

Map and Directions

Frequently Asked Questions

A gathering of the coolest jugglers and future jugglers hosted by the Cincinnati Circus Company. Because we’re located in Cincinnati Ohio and we are trying to not only celebrate how cool jugglers are in Cincinnati, but also to welcome people from outside of Cincinnati to our fine city. We have decided to give a ways Cincinnati chili cheese coneys to all the people who come out! For those jugglers that are Cincinnati natives this will be well received, for those jugglers not from Cincinnati you’ll get to experience one of our many unique contributions to the world.

Everyone! Every performance artist or future performance artist! Especially jugglers! If you are a non-juggling family that is coming for the show, feel free to come early, you’ll be welcome in the gym in the afternoon to watch the games and festivities with your purchase of show tickets.

  • Friday Feb 7th 6pm to 10pm
  • Saturday Feb 8th 11am to 9pm
  • Sunday Feb 9th 10am to 4pm.

Cincinnati Circus Company
6433 Wiehe Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237

Admission: $5 for the full festival pass which includes both days and the Saturday night showcase! We will have some props for sale on site if you wish to purchase juggling equipment, prizes for the winners of the games and an awesome show that is open to the public as well.

Juggling gear. If you don’t have juggling gear there will be juggling gear you can purchase.

You could also just bring rolled up socks to juggle or hacky sacks, or tennis balls (but most jugglers don’t encourage tennis balls.)

Dress comfy. Ready for a workout!

YES!!! We always like to have anidea of how many guests will be attending! Call 513 921-5454, or send an email with the subject “2020 Juggling Festival” to

Not at all! But we sure do appreciate it when you do. Call 513 921-5454, or send an email with the subject “2020 Juggling Festival” to

Yes! it varies from year to year, but we usually have food available to purchase.

You are still invited! We would love to meet you! We would ask that if you’re the owner of one of these and you’re only coming out to snoop around that Cincinnati Circus Company that you not come. But if your intentions are good the we would love to meet you.

Yes! Volunteers for anything are greatly appreciated. This juggling festival is for everyone and to share our love of juggling we welcome your help!

Call 513 921-5454, or send an email with the subject “2020 Juggling Festival” to and let us know!

Look we all make mistakes…. Come out and we’ll help you get onto the right path… juggling. JK! We love you and your art! Come out and enjoy!



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